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How to download an application not available in your country
كيفية تنزيل تطبيق غير متوفر في بلدك

You need Hola VPN
Enjoy my tutorial..

تحتاج إلى برنامج Hola VPN
تمتع بالشرح..

How to download an application not available in your country

Sometimes we find videos on facebook we can download them but can not. We are looking at the Play Store if there is an application that did this work, but most are scams. Today we were able to find a fair application, good faith and that can download videos from Facebook.

Here's how to download a video from Facebook to your smartphone.
MyVideo Downloader for Facebook is undoubtedly the most useful application to download.
For this:


You then have the choice between on the only access videos you've already like, those of your friends, to those pages you like, with those groups to which you subscribe or those of news feeds General.

Find the video you want and download

How to download facebook video to your smartphone ?

Cover artBlur turns ordinary images into stunning Android wallpapers.***** "The Blur app will give your home a new look wallpaper." - ********** "Create impressive wallpapers could not be easier!" - "********** "Android App of the Week." - *****Benefits of paid version1 Reason editor2 Color Editor.3. No ads.Blur turns any image style wallpaper iOS 7 with simple control. Choose a photo from the gallery and turn it into a funky colorful wallpaper for your home screen.The basic idea of ​​this application is to blur the image to the extreme and flatten into a beautiful colored background for your Android device.Using blur, you can create custom wallpaper in three very simple and straightforward steps. 

Blur Free - screenshotImage 1 of cultures2 blurs. You can drag the bar to the left or right to increase or decrease the blur intensity seek.3 Play with colors. Swipe up on the image to change colors. You can individually control the intensity of red, green and blue in the background image.Complete list of features: -- Set the blur (real-time preview)- Adjust color and add beautiful patterns- Simple and Easy to grow and re-harvest. (Cultures Perfectly images that fit perfectly on the screen of your device)- Set wallpaper instantly- Save wallpaper photo library.- Load images directly from the gallery. Go to gallery -> choose from -> select BlurLimitation of the free version- Adjust color is off.- Template Editor is disabled.- In-app ads 


Blur Free - screenshot Blur Free - screenshot

App of the day: Blur Free


Join the ULTIMATE battle for domination of the realm! PLAY FOR FREE to the most interactive and addictive action-strategy MMO!

Join millions of players online from around the world PARTICIPATE IN ALLIANCES AND FIND FRIENDS. HELP, TRADE & VOLUNTEER with ALLIANCE MEMBER become the KING!

Build and customize your empire. Train your HERO and improve their level!

Do Research for backing your empire!

Manufacture of weapons and attach powerful gems to equip your hero with weapons of legendary power!

TRAIN vast armies to lead the COMBAT, watch the battles in REAL TIME about the amazing World Map for conquering your UNITED!

Form diplomatic alliances to secure the enemy and become the most POWERFUL alliance of the kingdom!

IMPEACH and check WONDER to be king! Earn power to give SECURITIES your friends and enemies of the kingdom!

Play and chat in real time with millions of players around the world in over 32 different languages!

TALK AND PLAN your strategy with your and your ALLIANCE with FRIENDS CHAT: alliance chat, chat between two people, or chat with the world. Collaborate with your friends or silenced and torch your enemies!

IMPROVE your buildings, fortifications and weapons to strengthen your EMPIRE!


Game of the day: Game of War Fire Age Free

Why run when you can ride your motor-bike?
Why go slow when you can be a speed devil?
Meet Ghost, the biggest stunt biker menace to hit Stunt City. 
Ride with him and his misfit friends in this new take of our favorite runner genre. Break all the speed limits and run through the entire Stunt City for free while chased by the police. Do amazing stunts with your awesome bikes, quads and skateboards.
Get Ghost! is the next generation runner game! You can ride bikes, jump, duck, rocket jump, glide, fly planes, climb on cars, ride clouds, jump on roofs and run through buildings.

Game of the day for free: Get Ghost! Stunt Bike Runner

Today I explan you one of the methods of how to make money from Android application.

Today's application is named Whaff. This application has a high reputation from its users and got a rate in Google Play of 4.5, and this is an excellent level.

On the whole, the application simply enables you to make money by downloading applications and games from Google Play for your phone and the nice thing about it is you can delete them after obtaining points and this is called WHAFF PICKS.

 The other way it is represented by downloading applications or games and not deleting its. Eevery day you open the application, Whaff will give you a free credit because you did not delete it from your phone, and when you entered the application or game you get free credit.
Other feature is the self-styled by completing author's survey. 
And you can also get credit in the application by liking its page and evaluating the application in Google Play
And more features renewed daily, you can earn $ 5 a day.
By logging with Facebook you'll get $ 0.50 Free Gift
And now download applications and games and win..

Minimum payment: $ 10
Payment via: Paypal
Or you can replace the profit with cards from Amazon, Facebook, PlayStation, Google Play, Xbox, Steam.

Make money with your smartphone

In its next update, Google will give a new technical support that addresses the capabilities of your smartphone. 

Google tries one day to another to give a good reputation of its Google play's services via the updates it does.
Indeed, in the play store, next to each application or game, it will put a small icon indicating whether the application or game to work properly or it will heat the unit.

Google help its users in Play Store

How to hack wifi legally ? 

Sometimes it is without 3G or 4G data, and we need to connect or send a mail.
In developed countries, free WIFI connections can be found everywhere in public areas, shops, tea room and stadiums ..
While in other countries it can not find it. 

In addition, there are secure wireless connections. 
you do not need to think about hack a wifi. Do not look tutorials how to hack a wifi, or applications that can spoil your phone.
Today the solution is very simple.

How to hack a wifi legally ?

Time-lapse photography is a technique whereby the frequency at which film frames are captured (the frame rate) is much lower than that used to view the sequence. When played at normal speed, time appears to be moving faster and thus lapsing. 

File:GeraniumFlowerUnfurl2.gifFor example, an image of a scene may be captured once every second, then played back at 30 frames per second; the result is an apparent 30 times speed increase. Time-lapse photography can be considered the opposite of high speed photography or slow motion.
The best apps now to make great time-lapse is 

How to capture a time lapse with your smartphone ?

Why do I recharge my battery every day?

 In these days, there's no more nokia 3310 which lasts a week! We have to charge our phones every day at least once. This is not due only to the horrible consumption of mobile data or Wi-Fi, but also to other factors which are:

Charge your smartpone faster

Hello, many of you are kind who do not give their mobile phone to his friends or his parents afraid to read some secret messages or see pictures of your girlfriend or your selfies you do not publish!

Top 3 Apps Locker

Now you can download Youtube videos with your smartphone via

Download Youtube videos from your smartphone with Tubemate

Facebook Lite, the lighter version of the application comes quietly, download it!

This version of Facebook uses less data and works in all network conditions.

Facebook-lite-aplicaciones-ligeraFacebook Lite is:

- Fast to install — the app is less than 1 MB

- Quick to load

Facebook Lite

Belle UI Icon Pack 

Customize our smartphone is an increasingly easier to perform quality. Today, much of the launcher with which we incorporated as

Belle UI Icon Pack is updated, the best free app icons to your mobile

Good evening fans of HTC Desire 310, I wanted to just ask forgiveness for my absence on these days and because of exams. I will make my return as soon as possible with a lot of topics and tutorials ..

The return as soon as possible


Retrica start with, which will delight fans filters vintage style. This application replaces your regular camera, and thus captures your Selfie before proposing a whole bunch of high resolution and original effects.

Top 3 apps to make better selfies

Cover artYou want to use a new phone, but you want to avoid losing the configuration and content of some applications (banking, social networking, messaging software), backup your favorite game or SMS?

Back up your application data, games and SMS with Helium

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Comment booster son blog facilement dans 2 minutes ?

2014-12-08 20.20.20

Among tech-savvy media fans, Video LAN Client (VLC for short) is easily one of the most popular video and audio players in the world. It's available for every major desktop platform, and foralmost two years, it's been in beta for Android. Today the app has officially graduated to a 1.0 build, marking its formal exit from beta and a day of celebration for fans of flexible media playback on mobile devices. In other words: Good news, everyone!

Download VLC

VLC for android

Google Maps 9.3 DOWNLOAD

Google Maps is seeing an update in the Google Play Store to version 9.3 and aside from under-the-hood improvements, now allows users to share directions to any given location via Android’s share menu. This could come in handy in the event you’re talking with someone who doesn’t have a smartphone

Android Google Maps 9.3