Charge your smartpone faster

Why do I recharge my battery every day?

 In these days, there's no more nokia 3310 which lasts a week! We have to charge our phones every day at least once. This is not due only to the horrible consumption of mobile data or Wi-Fi, but also to other factors which are:

  * Leave the phone in standby
    * The Google applications in the  background
  * Recent applications
  * Excessive brightness
  * Apps using much RAM

The solution?
In fact, there are no exact solutions so that we do not charge our battery more than once a day, but we can extend the life of the battery, or even lengthen the duration of each recharge, so that we may at least charge the battery overnight to another (: p).
Indeed, we will opt for simple and easy tips:
The charger:
We need to recharge our smartphones with chargers provided by default supplier, or an original charger for our model. Do not use chargers from other brands only in urgent cases.

Recharge your smartphone in good catches of electrics, again, it is not recommended to use the USB ports of your PC to recharge smartphones.

Recents apps:
Close all energy-intensive applications and RAM.

Do not touch your smartphone:
It is imperative that the use of their smartphones during recharging weakens the capacity of the battery, on any use of mobile or wifi data. It is recommended that you put your smartphone in airplane mode.

Finally, we also recommend you to buy a Powerbank for urgent cases in your days. A more 5000mAh Powerbank is very useful for you will not see the state or the percentage of the battery.