How to unbrick HTC Desire 310 dual/uni SIM ?

You smartphone is bricked ? 
Yes ! Your htc desire 310 is bricked ?
You threw your phone in the trash?
You lost the hope to fix it?

You tried to install an unknown source application? and it spoiled the phone?
Today I have the solution for you my brother ..

  (Remember that this will remain your own risk. Neither our page and the author of this article shall not be held liable for any damage to your device)

What you need for this guide:
1. SP-FlashTool (version designed for our phone, please do not use another version!): 
2. Stock ROM:

   * UNI SIM 
3. Drivers

 Step 1: Prepare for SP-FlashTool

1. Create a new folder on the C: drive called SP-FlashTool. Extract the contents of the SP-FlashTool.

 2. ROM folder searching in the archives of the Stock ROM -em (HTC Desire 310 blah blah blah -> UserMode -> ROM) and unpack it to the root folder of the SP-FlashTool.

Step 2: Install the drivers:

1. Turn off the phone. When it's off, connect the USB cable to the computer, but do not start the cell!
2. When the screen displays your battery charge level (percent) disconnect it.
3. Enter the Device Manager, select View, then Show hidden devices.
4. Other devices should appear MTK65XX Preloader, right-click on it and update the driver.

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Step 3: Prepare for flashing:

1. Start flash_tool.exe with administrator rights.
2. Select Options and then Option ..., or press CTRL + O combinations.
3. Go to the Connection tab, and select the option: High Speed ​​and w / o battery.
4. Go to the tab and select the option Download DA DL All with checksum and exit from the options menu.

Step 4: Flashing:

1. Go to the Download tab.
2. Press the Download Agent and choose DA_SWSEC.bin.
3. Press the Scatter-loading and choose MT6582_scatter_1.01.862.1.txt for UNI SIM, and MT6582_scatter_1.00.1136.5.txt for DUAL SIM in the ROM folder and look forward to the appearance of the file list.
4. Under the name of the scatter-loading File drop-down menu, we have. We develop them and select Download Only.
5. Uncheck Preloader 

Finally, it should look like this: 

6. After checking that all is well done, press the button that says Download and green an arrow pointing down.
7. Turn off the phone and pull the batteries.
8. Connect the USB while holding the volume button is responsible for volume down! (VERY IMPORTANT!). When you begin to flash, you can let go of the button.

Wait patiently. 

Congratulation, you have a new phone again 


Q: I have a strange name for the internal memory!
A: So far I do not know what it may be due. The problem should not cause problems, it can only look bad from the point of aesthetic. 

Q: It annoys me that error CID! You can delete it?
A: The Russians agreed that sometimes the only thing that can work is to enter the code # 243 # on the keypad. At the moment there is no other way. 

Q: I can not install the drivers for Windows 8 / 8.1!

Q: I get an error IMEI / I can not send or receive calls / sms / I have no coverage at all! 
A: All the problems come down to one reason: you have selected Preloader. There is as yet no solution. 
Do not forget to comment if needed, or if repair success .. Thanks ..