Game of the day: Invasion

We are at war - the new 3D game Modern Warfare 2015. Join the fight now!

Take up arms in the post-apocalyptic war zone in the year 2020! Governments and cities fell as rivals competing for survival, power and ultimate domination of the chaotic new era.
War Zone: World of Rivals is an exciting work of online war simulation and real-time combat strategy. Get ready for 3D graphics and engaging multiplayer real-time strategy (MMORTS / SLG). The war has already begun, Commander. Join the fight for freedom.

In the WZ - WoR: Build your military base, you go with a powerful alliance, build and lead a modern war machine army, develop strategies of your operations to crush rivals and finally rule the world.


You never fight alone!

• interact with online players from all over the world
• online wars in a massive battlefield in real time
• Help your allies to develop faster and be helped
• strengthen and Rally all allies to achieve victory

Build your military superpower!

• develop a thriving outpost in a military empire
• Manage production to fuel your war machine
• lead your bureaucracy to define the world order
• forge an alliance with strong allies for world domination

War not over! • build and train of modern warfare forces
• Improve the advanced technologies to surpass your rivals
• deploy the sharp combat tactics to crush the enemy
• use a superior strategy to dominate opponents

Explore more strategic and diplomatic options.

Wars begin!