How to set up Face lock in your smartphone ?

  1. Tap the Settings icon to get to the Settings app
  2. Scroll down to Personal and then tap on Security
  3. Tap on Screen Lock and choose:
a.     None – for no locking at all
b.     Slide- for the typical slide to unlock
c.      Face Unlock – to set the Face Unlock feature
d.     Pattern – to set a Pattern unlock
e.     PIN – to set a standard four digit PIN unlock
f.      Password – to set a more secure password to unlock

Choose Face Unlock. Now you are ready to have your Android phone capture your face to unlock the phone.
  1. Tap Continue
  2.  Move a little away from the front facing camera so your face fits in the Show Your Face screen.
  3. Center your face in the outlined area marked “put your face here.”
  4. You will receive a Face Captured screen if the Face Unlock setup was successful


Once the Face Unlock is set to your face, you will be prompted to now set up a backup lock. In case the phone does not recognize you (this can happen for a bunch of reasons) it will revert to another method for secure unlocking of the phone.

  1. Choose one of the two backup methods listed; Pattern or PIN
  2. For a Pattern unlock, slide your finger to connect at least four dots in any pattern of your choosing.
  3. Repeat the pattern to confirm the choice.
  4. For a PIN unlock, simply input a four digit PIN – repeat to confirm.

choose pattern or pin pattern