Sometimes we find videos on facebook we can download them but can not. We are looking at the Play Store if there is an application that did this work, but most are scams. Today we were able to find a fair application, good faith and that can download videos from Facebook.

Here's how to download a video from Facebook to your smartphone.
MyVideo Downloader for Facebook is undoubtedly the most useful application to download.
For this:


You then have the choice between on the only access videos you've already like, those of your friends, to those pages you like, with those groups to which you subscribe or those of news feeds General.

Find the video you want and download

How to download facebook video to your smartphone ?

Cover artFind the pleasure of taking beautiful pictures.With a simple interface, elegant and powerful, vary the effects very quickly.This unit has several filters such as Lomo 
/ Lo-Fi, Artistic Painting, Cartoon, Vintage
 & Retro, HDR FALSE, Analog, Distortion, Fisheye, Wide-angle and many more.You can produce the best pictures with HDR filters FALSE.Also, you can create small planets with stereographic filters adjusting the intensity level, or just use a canned. All filters are customizable.Lovers of lomography and analogue photography will be thrilled by the effects of some conventional cameras emulated as Holga Lomo LC-A, Zenit, and even a style of Super 8 awesome.

With the Panorama mode easier than you can find. Nature Panorama manual mode gives you full control over the final result. Try using different filters, people or objects in each level to create single panoramic images. Your imagination is the only limit.

Cameringo Lite - screenshot 
Easily Create GIF animations with all available effects. You can also change the GIF recording speed, produce fun animations.

Cameringo Lite - screenshot
With unique features that every owner of the DSLR camera will envy. Control several manually photographic settings such as exposure, brightness, contrast, saturation, etc., all the filters to a single, comprehensive manual customization.With the mini-viewer, exclusive Cameringo, you can take pictures and compare your shots filtered with the actual image, instantly. Not to mention the level meter horizon: Finished the stereotypes wrong!

Play with the first Virtual Flash Front camera. The idea is simple, in the dark, the screen lights up enough to give you the ability to save your smile. Not all effects are suitable for this, then try first with "original".

Cameringo Lite - screenshot 

Discover intelligent image stabilization cameringo the silent camera mode, histogram, incognito mode, Geo-tagging (GPS tracking), the guide lines, the "tap to shoot," and the square pictures.A new camara foto app for everyone in your hands.


Apps of the day: Cameringo Lite

★ Optimizer Accelerate your mobile phone! ★

Mobile Optimizer is a free Android application that can help clear and back up important unwanted applications, release and storage of the SD card of your phone, boost memory and improve phone speed.

If your mobile device is slow, you can easily speed up your mobile device with Mobile Optimizer.

☆ Features Mobile Optimizer:

✓ Free up memory (RAM) and improve speed.
● unnecessary files CLEAR
✓ Delete cache junk files, free up storage space and improve performance of the phone.
● App Manager
✓ Save your applications, remove unwanted applications
✓ Extend the battery life of your phone

Game of the day: Mobile Optimizer & Cleaner

! Addictive "," Awesome graphics "," unique effects "! - Player reviews.

In seconds you get the basics and the fun begins immediately as you hone your skills and experience bonuses, power-ups and different types of blocks.

Here's how it works:

Slide right, left, up or down anywhere on the screen to move all the blocks in that direction.
All blocks with the same number colliding be merged and doubled.
You score by taking the score to purple block if the EXIT
That's it! Can you score higher than the rest of the world?

Easy to learn
Beatiful "glass, light and bokeh" style of design
Fun for beginners, casual players and score hunters
Saves your game when you quit the application
Global highscore daily, claim your fame!

Bonus Multiplier: Make three or more mergers in one move and you'll get an output added bonus. Keep doing this until the life of the output bonus reaches zero, and you will increase the multiplier and the life of the bonus release.
Table Bonus clean: Sand the board clean and get an additional price
2048 Bonus: Get a block of 2048 or above and you'll get an extra bonus without having to leave.

The game is free with occasional announcements before the start of a new game. For a small fee a while, you can remove the ads ever (and we support the development of new games).


Game of the day: Digolux